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Set "BIBLE VERSES" - optionally with matching bottles

SKU: Bibelverse Set
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    At the customer's request, I had already designed the label "DU ARE LOVED". After I was approached with another request, the idea arose to create a small series with Bible verses. 


    And now it is with great pleasure that I can offer exactly this idea here. 


    A sticker sheet with six wonderful sayings from the Bible that you can use for your roll-on bottles. Be it with recipes for meditation, prayer or simply as a gift for a loved one.


    In addition to the roll-on labels in the 64x52mm format, you will also find round stickers (diameter 40mm) with the same sayings that you can use for letters, envelopes or on other bottles. 


    The variant “YOU ARE LOVED” and “YOU ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN JEWELS” can be found twice on the sheet.

    I have selected the following sayings for you:

    • When I call on you, you hear me and give great strength to my soul (Psalm 138:3)
    • For wisdom will enter your heart (Proverbs 2:10f)
    • More than anything, guard your heart, for it is the source of life (Proverbs 4:23)
    • The blessing of the Lord makes you rich without toil (Proverbs 10:22)

    One of the sayings is my daughter's baptism motto. So of course this set has a very special meaning for me. 


    For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. Prudence will preserve you and insight will protect you.


    By the way, you have the choice between three variants:

    1. Just the sticker sheet
    2. Sticker sheet with matching roll-on bottles (5 pieces with gold lids)
    3. Sticker sheet with matching roll-on bottles (5 pieces with gold lids, 10ml) as well as 4 macaron-style pipette bottles with gold pipettes (in the colors lilac, green, rose and blue, 30ml)


    The stickers are not attached, so you have the choice to apply them however you wish.

    The stickers were printed on 80 g adhesive paper.



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