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May I introduce: the first series of my own that I designed for you.

The HAPPY FLOWER series comes in seven great, fresh colors with a floral direct print pattern. Equipped with a pipette attachment in a matching color as standard.


And the highlight: in addition to these pipette attachments, you also have a pump attachment and a spray attachment made of bamboo as well as a pipette attachment with a gold ring. 

So you have the right bottle for every occasion.


You can order the additional attachments here:Essays Happy Flower Series 


Now you can choose between the following colors:


  • mint
  • green
  • lilac
  • rose
  • pink
  • orange
  • yellow

And if you think all the colors are as great as I do and order them all, you will receive the seventh bottle for free. What an offer ;-)


Bottle dimensions:

Height 90mm
Diameter 35mm
Contents 30ml



Delivery takes place without decoration and contents.


HAPPY FLOWER series in great, fresh colors and floral direct print

PriceFrom €6.00
Sales Tax Included |
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