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It is these typical, strong, intense cloves, which have been used in many cuisines for thousands of years, from which our essential dietary supplement oil Clove+ (Syzygium aromaticum) is distilled.


The oil is suitable for both sweet and savory dishes; Thanks to the naturally occurring ingredient eugenol, it is also often used as a dietary supplement. 


Clove+ is suitable...

  • as an alternative to ground spices. 
  • to refine the taste of gingerbread, biscuits and spice cakes - just a drop mixed into the dough is enough. 
  • in combination with other plus oils such as Lemon+, Cinnamon Bark+ and Nutmeg+ for homemade cider or other drink recipes. 
  • for a pleasantly tasty start to the day - with just a drop of Clove+ in a warm bowl of oatmeal.




Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)† Flower Bud Oil†100% pure essential oil

Clove+ from YOUNG LIVING®

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