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Roll-Ons "FEELiNATURE" in naturally matt tones 10ml

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  • FEEL NATURE - with all your senses!

    Show your closeness to nature through the color of your roll-on. 

    With these roll-ons it not only smells absolutely natural, but it also looks natural. 

    Which element in nature fascinates you the most?

    Blue like the water of the sea?
    Purple like lilac?
    Green like the trees of life?
    Beige like the sand under your feet?
    Maybe you also like drinking coffee - then the coffee variant is just right for you!

    Whatever it may be, use the bottles for your natural essential oil products.

    And for a little more sparkle, you can also have the bottles with a gold lid.

    I can't decide which version I think is the most beautiful.


    The golden lid is made of plastic. The bamboo lid made from natural bamboo
    The roller balls are each made of stainless steel.
    The glass is thick-walled glass.  

    Height of the 10ml bottle: 85mm
    Height of the 5ml bottle: 62mm

    Delivery takes place without decoration and contents.
    Please rinse the bottles with water before first use.

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