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Roll-ons 10ml with gemstone rollerball

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Stone type
  • Which gemstone should it be? Rollerball attachments in the following variants:

    • Rock crystal
    • Rose quartz
    • amethyst
    • Sodalite
    • Tiger Eye
    • Aventurine
    • Obsidian


    You will also receive a 10ml roll-on bottle with a matt look in a matching color.
    Then you can choose whether it should be a bamboo lid or a plastic lid with a golden look.

    Height of the bottle: approx. 85mm


    Rock crystal
    Clear and pure like fresh, sparkling mountain water. Powerful and energetic like hardly any other gemstone. Mother Earth literally carries the rock crystal within her, because it also consists of natural raw materials with a particularly high silicon content. Its crystal structure (hexile spiral) is quite extraordinary. As extraordinary as its outstanding health-promoting effect, which comes from the healing stone itself. Due to its construction and mineral composition, it is able to perfectly intensify concentrated positive energies. This is precisely why it is one of the most important precious and healing stones in the world.
    The rock crystal binds earth rays and water jets into positive energy. It cleanses mind and soul. Rock crystal also dissolves energy blockages. The rock crystal helps its wearer to make fair and clear decisions.


    The amethyst effect and the meaning of amethyst fascinate natural medicine practitioners and those seeking help alike. He, the purple jack-of-all-trades, has been said to have many positive, inspiring and healing things since time immemorial.
    There is a lot of natural energy in it, which gives it the power to do us humans good in a beautiful way. His salvation story is written down in fairy tales, legends, but also in well-founded, credible specialist books. In various excerpts from various book sources, amethyst also asserts itself as a powerful stone, which is blessed by nature and has valuable powers that its owners can explore and experience.


    The green stone supports calmness in anger and anger and promotes patience. Aventurine can increase openness and tolerance towards other people and promote steadfastness. From this position of calm, regeneration can take place particularly successfully.


    Rose quartz
    Rose quartz is a crystal that is mentioned in Greek and Roman mythology. According to the story, the god of love, Eros or Cupid, brought this stone to earth to give love to people. The healing effects of the stone have exactly to do with this, because it is considered a healing stone for the heart and is called a love stone. Feelings such as love, romance, sensitivity, connection and harmony are closely related to this. This gemstone can be used to heal relationship fears, it has a calming effect on the mind and the heart is opened. Therefore, the stone can be used to strengthen a relationship and promote harmony in the relationship. A rose quartz placed under a loved one's pillow can deepen that love even further. But emotional wounds, for example in the event of a separation or divorce, can also be healed more easily with rose quartz.


    Tiger Eye
    Tiger's eye is a golden brown variety of the mineral quartz. The gemstone has its origins in South Africa.
    Tiger's eye is said to have the following properties: It should provide protection, it should have a good effect on the bronchi, it should refine your voice, it should help you keep an overview, it should help you make difficult decisions, it should protect you from stress, it should help you solve problems, it should also help you: not to lose your groundedness. Tiger's eye is said to help against depression and anxiety. Tiger's eye can also help increase concentration and clear internal blockages. It also boosts self-confidence.


    The black, volcanic glass is characteristic of obsidian. Named after the Roman Obsius, obsidian was already of great importance in the Stone Age. While it was once used as a tool and weapon, today it is an important gemstone that is said to have numerous powers and effects. Obsidian has a variety of healing powers that manifest themselves on a physical level as well as on a psychological level. In addition, it has energetic properties. It strengthens the flow of life energy and increases inner vision. Obsidian promotes energetic independence and protects against foreign energies and releases blockages in the flow of energy. The effect of the black stone does not deny its origin. Just as explosive as it is caused by a volcanic eruption, what is hidden comes out when it is used.


    This stone was first found in Greenland in 1811 and was named after sodalite because of its high sodium content. Its name comes from the English term “sodium” for sodium and the Greek term “lithos” for stone. A special feature of it is that it can glow in a different color under the influence of UV light. Sodalite is one of the most important healing stones of all.

    Sodalite brings endurance, courage and increases self-confidence. Through greater clarity and sincerity, it helps to get rid of one's own bad habits, feelings of guilt or fears and to free suppressed feelings. This healing stone allows you to stand up for your own views, pursue goals persistently and thus ensures inner balance. Sodalite can also increase thinking power and promote inspiration and talent, thereby supporting the development of artistic skills. In addition, sodalite balances the mind.


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