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Pipette, roll-on or lotion bottle 10ml - also with handmade decor

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  • This white matt bottle in 10ml is simply a dream. And because I think it's so great, I also gave it an individual vinyl motif. 


    The very delicate “Sun Hand” motif is an absolute eye-catcher.



    But if you are completely minimalist, you can of course also get the bottle without a motif.


    Another highlight: You can choose between the white pipette attachment, lotion attachment or spray attachment with bamboo ring.

    But maybe you would rather have a roll-on. It's up to you 

    You can also order the roll-on attachments separately here:Roll-ON attachmentsThey also fit on the YOUNG LIVING bottles - how practical


    You can get the black 5ml bottles with bamboo ring shown here:Black pipette bottle

    Here you can choose between a pipette attachment, lotion attachment or roll-on attachment.


    Delivery takes place without decoration and contents.


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