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  • Fragrance medicine for children

    Maria L. Schasteen


    Fragrance medicine for children

    Essential oils and their therapeutic use for babies, children and adolescents

    The healing power of aromatherapy is also proven in everyday use for minor and major problems in children and young people. The ethereal plant scents not only have a pleasant and calming effect on adolescents, but when used wisely, they can have a lasting healing power on the body and soul.

    Since children and young people usually approach life with many questions, pure essential oils represent a wonderful means of understanding internal processes and achieving sustainable stability on the external level.
    With this loving handbook, Maria Schasteen shows the way to easier coping with everyday problems in a world flooded with information in which children and young people need to find peace and find orientation.
    Fragrance medicine for children opens a gateway to the mental worlds of our children, allowing healing to occur and inspiration to be found in a wonderful, previously unexplored way!

    ISBN: 978-3-86191-085-5
    224 pages

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