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SLEEP DISORDERS by Maria L. Schasteen

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  • sleep disorders

    Maria L. Schasteen

    Sleep better and wake up refreshed with scented medicine


    Fragrance medicine “Practice compact” - competent and clear.

    Eliminate sleep disorders in a natural and healthy way!
    Stress has become one of the main ills of Western societies in the 21st century. The daily noise pollution and media flooding mean that people can no longer relax and therefore have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. These diverse sleep disorders have a lasting impact on well-being.

    Maria Schasteen shows simple ways in which you can bring about gentle relaxation using scent medicine. In this way, stress is harmoniously reduced, which ultimately leads to a peaceful night's sleep again.
    Make life more worth living again with scent medicine!

    ISBN: 978-3-86191-135-7
    124 pages

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