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Who doesn't love the new LITTLE OILERS SET from YOUNG LIVING® for little oil fans.


I love it too and have come up with something very special for the little ones: 


The story of LILLI and OLLI. You've never heard of them?


Then make yourself comfortable and I'll tell you about the unique friendship of Lilli - the sweetest owl and Olli - the smartest fox of all time.

The two have known each other for a very, very long time and live together, hidden behind many trees and bushes, in the forest of wonderful plants.


You will experience a lot of adventures there and discover the wonderful effects of essential oils.


In the back you will find an idea of the...


A detailed description of the "FEATHER THE OWL" diffuser as well as information about the oils included in the set


  • Kidscents® Tummygize
  • Kidscents® Geneyus
  • Kidscent®'s Dreamease
  • Kidscents® Kidcare
  • Kidscents® Refresh



Also perfect as a welcome gift for your customers. 


Dimensions of the booklet: 148x148 mm
Material envelope 170 g image print matt PEFC™

Material inside 135 g image print matt PEFC™
Scope: 20 pages


Delivered without decoration or contents. 

Children's story LILLI & OLLI as an accompaniment to the CHILDREN'S SET from YOUNG LIVING®

PriceFrom €1.88
Sales Tax Included |

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