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Gemstone roll-ons 10ml with bamboo lid

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Stone type
  • Create your favorite oil blend and fill it into these great roll-ons with gemstone nuggets

    I source the gemstones from the gemstone city of Idar Oberstein and select them myself. 

    With gemstone ball and bamboo lid.
    Height of the bottle: approx. 85mm


    1 = rock crystal
    (The rock crystal binds earth rays and water jets into positive energy. It cleanses the mind and soul. In addition, the rock crystal dissolves energy blockages. The rock crystal helps its wearer to make fair and clear decisions.)


    2 = Amethyst
    Amethyst has a calming effect on the nerves and heart, and it also improves the ability to concentrate. Under the pillow, amethyst helps you get a restful, peaceful night's sleep)


    3 = Aventurine
    (The green stone supports calmness in times of anger and annoyance and promotes patience. Aventurine can increase openness and tolerance towards other people and promote steadfastness. Regeneration can take place particularly successfully from this position of calm.)


    4=Garnet Almadin
    (Almandine strengthens people's resilience. To this end, it affects the body's ability to regenerate as well as strengthens people's psychological powers. It is therefore often used to improve personal resilience. This means that people in... their ability to deal with heavy stress or difficult situations should be strengthened.)


    (Soul and spirit are put into a harmonious basic mood by the healing stone. This is the prerequisite for people to be able to make conscious and targeted decisions. Under these circumstances, reason and gut feeling no longer stand in the way. People who find it difficult to make decisions do, can use the falcon's eye as a helpful companion. But the healing stone also helps with nervous disorders. It calms a restless state of mind.)


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