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Wie wirken Düfte?

As soon as we perceive a scent through the nose, it reaches the neocortex (cerebral cortex) and from there is passed on and stored directly to the limbic system - the seat of emotions and memories. We can use this process in many ways.

Essential oils and their nature

Essential oils have been used both for cosmetic purposes and for their beneficial effects for thousands of years.
They are the most powerful part of the plant and perfectly matched to our body. Their molecules are tiny and thus reach lightning fast  our cells.

Every essential oil has an aroma profile that is as complex as it is absolutely unique, and that is ours
Body & mind activated and stimulated in different ways. 

The effects of the pure essential oils, which are obtained primarily by means of steam distillation, but also by cold pressing, are even more powerful than the plants from which they come. With every bottle of our essential oils you are holding the pure essence of nature in your hands.

diffuser aria feelianture.png

In aromatherapy, the healing powers of nature are used to alleviate physical ailments and to increase well-being.

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Ätherische Öle lassen sich unkompliziert anwenden

und entfalten schnell ihre Wirkung


Einnahme der Plusöle in Wasser, dem Essen oder in Form von Kapseln


pur oder verdünnt mit einem Trägeröl auf die Haut aufgetragen


über die Handflächen oder mithilfe eines Diffusors inhaliert

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